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Yoga therapy sessions with Helen have been beneficial and I was amazed how quickly it helped me to overcome painful tennis elbow. My introduction to Yoga Nidra with Helen was deeply relaxing, calming and restorative. I don't find it easy to relax because I’m so out of practice! I found this approach effective in a surprisingly short space of time and I’d definitely like to do more.




I have been having weekly 1-2-1 lessons with Helen for almost three years.  I find Helen an astute, observant, sensitive, attentive and extremely knowledgeable teacher, and it is obvious that she loves and embraces her vocation. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her lessons, which are always bespoke, are a highlight in my week. Her instruction is always clear, precise and positive, and she has unearthed a suppleness in me that I had been unaware of. Helen has managed to achieve the impossible with me by showing me how to relax. I find her an absolutely brilliant teacher and a professional to her core. 



I have been having weekly 1-2-1 lessons with Helen for 3 years, the last 18 months by Zoom.  Helen always tailors her lessons, by checking if anything has happened since our last lesson, making a point of asking how I am feeling that day, and whether there is anything in particular I wish to concentrate on.

As a direct result of our lessons, which I always look forward to, I feel much more relaxed and healthy. I have improved my posture and balance capability, and through the breathing exercise techniques she has taught me, I have been making more use of my lung capacity. 

Helen keeps a record of what we have covered together and is always supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic. In my opinion Helen is an excellent teacher. 


I enjoy playing tennis but developed significant problems in my shoulders over time. I combined visits to the Osteopath with yoga sessions with Helen.  I noticed increased mobility and strength returning as we progressed. I am hyper-mobile and I’m prone to muscular skeletal issues.  From my sessions with Helen I have gained a greater understanding of, and confidence in, my body and I have been able to return to playing tennis. My Osteopath was delighted and feels that the long-term way of keeping me mobile and pain free is to continue with yoga therapy. Accordingly, I see less of my Osteopath but continue my regular sessions with Helen.


I have been practicing yoga with Helen for over two years, initially in in-person group classes, and more recently during the last year, I have enjoyed and benefitted from numerous 1-2-1 lessons from her. 

Each lesson, without fail, leaves me feeling hugely better and I now have a much greater body awareness, including my understanding of the areas I need to focus on to avoid my continuous cycles of poor stability and overcompensation.  I’m energised from improved breathing and the accumulated benefits of tension leaving my body. Most of all, the yoga classes have been hugely beneficial in reducing my back pain. 


Helen has an extraordinary ability to queue poses in such a way that minor adjustments have helped me unlock the full potential of poses and flows such that they deliver lightness, harmony and a better connection between my body, mind and breath. 




I've been doing yoga for over 10 years but never really loved it, and it was always something I felt I "should" do. I can't explain how helpful it was to have an experienced teacher like Helen assess and guide me. For example, previously I had no idea that I was doing downward dog in a way that wasn't getting the maximum benefit of the stretch; nor would I have known that I was "crunching" my neck in many poses, leaving my neck sore. My 1-2-1s with Helen taught me simple tweaks to get the most of the yoga poses, and how they should feel if I'm doing them right. I have gained strength, stability, healthy alignment and relaxation. Thanks to Helen, I am now a regular at local group classes and I have a much healthier, more gentle approach to my practice.


Maxine Jaffa, Chief of Magic, Jaffa Foundation



Helen provided tailored sessions to help my frozen shoulder following a decompression operation on it. Every week the sessions were adapted to accommodate restrictions in movement, pain and to incorporate guidance from the physiotherapist. She has an incredibly caring and practical approach completely focused on your needs and my shoulder improved dramatically under her yoga tuition. 





I have been having Yoga classes with Helen for almost two years. She is knowledgeable and very dedicated yoga teacher. I went to my first lesson, mostly as I promised Helen that I would try. I strongly believed that yoga was not for me as I am not a very flexible person. However, after about three or four sessions I became almost addicted to my weekly sessions and I felt so much better. Yoga with Helen has really improved my general well-being and the back pain disappeared. I now feel stronger and more balanced. As Helen moved to Cambridge, I tried to find a replacement. I have tried several yoga classes, but so far have found nobody as patient and calm as Helen.





I would say with confidence that anyone who has the privilege of having Helen as their yoga teacher will certainly look forward to their sessions! Helen is very attentive and knowledgeable about anatomy and gives her clients a personalised experience, that is both relaxing, invigorating and works those muscles. Helen has a warm and gently challenging approach as a yoga instructor- I would highly recommend her. 





Until her move to Cambridge myself and two friends took lessons weekly from Helen and I always looked forward to them.  Helen came prepared with an exciting plan for each yoga lesson but was able to quickly adapt the plan according to each of our needs, abilities and any current injuries. I was a complete yoga newbie so it was exciting each week to see what new poses and challenges she had lined up for us and she never failed to please. She encouraged us to try new poses to expand our own practice, giving us a chance to push ourselves but always providing alternative poses and props for those poses that any of us found difficult. I now have the confidence to practise the poses and stretches on my own and I can see and feel a real difference in my body and in the way I carry myself throughout the day. Most of my little aches and pains can be quickly improved by a few minutes of targeted stretching and breathing exercises all taught to me by Helen.





Helen’s Weekly Yoga Sessions were always something I looked forward to. She catered her session with me in mind to suit how I felt on the day. I was impressed with how Helen was able to adapt each session to my mood and energy levels and I always walked away feeling calmer and relaxed but at the same time invigorated and refreshed. She supported me with areas that needed extra strengthening and encouraged me to reach my potential. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough. Through her sessions, I have learnt how to make myself more aware of parts of my body that need attention and have realised the importance of taking care of my general wellbeing.





I have been having yoga lessons with Helen over the last 4 years.  It was my first foray into yoga and I have no regrets.  Once Helen taught me the basics I was keen to explore a wider variety of postures.  Under her careful guidance I had the confidence to try postures that I would never have imagined being able to do before starting yoga. 


Each lesson is unique and tailored to how I'm feeling.  I had some long-standing injuries from playing tennis when I started yoga and the weekly lessons helped them to improve. I regained a greater range of mobility in my shoulder, which had been problematic for a long time.  Helen liaised with my osteopath and created a yoga program that complemented the treatment I was having from him.


I have a very stressful job and the breathing techniques that Helen taught me have helped me to relax at difficult times.  My yoga lessons have helped me to improve my core strength and posture which in turn have helped the back problems that I am prone to.


As much as I enjoy exploring the postures for me the ‘cherry on the top of the cake’ is the Savasana at the end of the session where I could completely relax and enjoy the effects of my yoga lesson.





Helen has a strong empathy with the individual's emotions and deep knowledge of anatomy and therefore she can craft a lesson to the needs of the practitioners.  I took group morning lessons and she guided us through all the core exercises, standing and sitting poses and relaxation, all designed to give us strength and flexibility for the day ahead and more. After my one to one lessons I felt worked and relaxed. Helen has helped me to be aware of my body strength and limits.