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My Approach to Yoga

Yoga is about mental and physical self-awareness.  Modern life can be busy and stressful.  Yoga helps bring us back to ourselves.  It helps us to reconnect with what is happening in our bodies.  It brings our attention inwards and helps to give us a greater sense of self.


I have explored and enjoyed a wide variety of yoga styles over the years, and I have found that a simpler, gentler approach allows me to make a greater connection with my body and improve my functional range of movement.  It also creates the space to benefit from the use of breath and relaxation in my practice.  I work in a way that is beneficial to my body and suits the requirements of my lifestyle.  I bring this approach into the way I teach yoga.


Yoga can help offset the strain that modern life puts on us.  Sitting for long hours, travelling, and using computers can cause pain and discomfort and create imbalances in the body.   Yoga can help to reverse this and can make us more aware of what might be contributing to problems.


Yoga has been proven to help improve our flexibility, balance, strength, coordination and breath awareness.  Studies have also found it helps with a wide range of health issues, making it a perfect tool for improving our wellbeing.  It is also fun and gives a sense of achievement when we master a new technique or attempt a balance that we previously thought was beyond us.


Yoga is open to all. It isn’t like an exercise class that you leave behind in the studio. It is an exploration. It becomes part of who you are and travels with you. We can each adapt our yoga practice to suit every stage of our lives.


Helen provided tailored sessions to help my frozen shoulder following a decompression operation on it. Every week the sessions were adapted to accommodate restrictions in movement, pain and to incorporate guidance from the physiotherapist. My shoulder improved dramatically.