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I enjoy being active and yoga has supported me on many levels.  Although I was introduced to yoga at a young age, I have always pursued a wide range of other activities. 


Looking back, I realise that my regular yoga practice gave me confidence and awareness that I could take into sport and fitness.  I’ve never felt that I can’t use the gym because I practise yoga, I have learnt to vary what I do depending on my objective.  The awareness I get from my yoga practice helps me to understand strengths and weaknesses in my own body and where I might be more prone to injuries in sport.  The relaxation, breath work in my yoga practice helps when I am tired.  There is little point in repeating the same movements in my yoga practice straight after a game of tennis, when my body would benefit more from some gentle stretching and relaxation.  It’s all about finding the right balance for the individual.


I was really excited to have the opportunity to study with Hayley Winter at The Institute of Yoga Sports Science ® and to qualify as a Yoga Sports Coach ™ in 2021.  Hayley has spent many years working with athletes across a wide range of sports and studied the benefits of yoga as part of an athlete’s regular training program.  The techniques we use when working with athletes are tailored to the movements required in their specific sport and may form part of their warm-up, cool-down, prehab/rehab or be a practice to do on a rest day. They might involve movement, breath awareness or meditation depending on what is required.


The principles involved can be applied to every level of sport.  It might be a practice to support a 3km run or a marathon.  The approach taken in each case is tailored to the individual and aims to complement your training routine and to provide the benefits of a regular yoga practice.  The yoga sequences don’t have to be long, and they are planned to fit in with client’s lives.


I am by no means an athlete! However, I enjoy sport and I love working with clients to help them include yoga in their routine. 



If you would like to discuss how yoga might be able to help with your sport or fitness routine, please do get in touch. 



I am a keen runner and tennis player, although I will not trouble the professionals in either field. I have frequently had issues with tight calves and Achilles tendons in running, and shoulder impingement in tennis. I have found Helen’s sport-specific yoga sessions to be invaluable in addressing both, allowing me to pursue both sports with confidence and in comfort.