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Yoga & Sport

Do you enjoy a sport or activity and would like to include yoga in your training routine but don't know where to start?


Yoga can be an excellent addition to your training routine. It can be adapted to support your objectives and can easily fit into your day.  You might want yoga to help directly with the requirements of your sport, to be included as part of your warm-up or cool-down, as a tool to support your prehab or rehab needs, to help you relax, or as a completely alternative movement practice to give you a change of pace on a rest day.


If your time is limited a private yoga session can be an efficient use of your time.  It will be tailored to your requirements and I will give you some ideas of short yoga sequences that you can do between sessions.  


I am a qualified Yoga Sports Coach and I have worked with a range of clients to help them develop a yoga practice that enhances their training routine and brings them the benefits of a regular yoga practice.  I am also a Yoga Therapist and reqularly work with clients to improve movement patterns and injuries.


The principles involved can be applied to every level of sport.  It might be a yoga practice to support a 3km run or a marathon.  The approach taken in each case is tailored to you and will complement your training routine and provide the benefits of a regular yoga practice.  The yoga sequences don’t have to be long, and they are planned around your sport and to fit in to your daily routine.


If you enjoy sport or fitness at any level and would like to try yoga please get in touch.  I can help you to tailor a yoga practice to compliment your other activities and your training routine.  If you would like an initial chat about yoga and your sport please get in touch via the link below.





If you would like to discuss how yoga might be able to help with your sport or fitness routine, please do get in touch. 



I am a keen runner and tennis player, although I will not trouble the professionals in either field. I have frequently had issues with tight calves and Achilles tendons in running, and shoulder impingement in tennis. I have found Helen’s sport-specific yoga sessions to be invaluable in addressing both, allowing me to pursue both sports with confidence and in comfort.